Winner of NSANZ

Inspirational Speaker of the Year 2012

Gilly Chater is a Speaker, Facilitator of Change, a Coach, and Author. She is an expert in the area of leadership development, culture change and team building, specialising in the new paradigm for EFFORTLESS LEADERSHIP.


For several years Gilly, armed with the prestigious Cordon Bleu diploma, followed a cooking career. This included being a senior instructor at the London Cordon Bleu School and a personal chef to the rich and famous in different countries.  A serious ski accident, that was life changing, meant a new direction.  Gilly spent several years in Tokyo Japan, where she became a successful property sales consultant in Tokyo, and then worked at the largest transformational leadership training company in Japan and Asia. 


After immigrating to New Zealand she co-founded a transformational leadership business. In 1997, on a research trip to the USA, she was introduced to a new paradigm – a principle-based understanding that explains what underlies ALL human experience.


The insights she had during this research made everything else she knew about transformational change redundant.  There was no going back to work with previous methodologies.  Since then she has used only this new paradigm in working with clients.


The results through this simple but profound understanding of how the mind works have been enlightening and revolutionary. She likens it to having her gall bladder removed years whilst living in Japan. Gilly says; 


“It was a major operation, extremely painful and I took months to recover. My surgeon was described as being like a Swiss craftsman as he sewed me together!  Today, the same operation is so simple, far less painful and there is a quick recovery.  A surgeon today would not do the operation the ‘old way’.  Why make life harder than necessary?   Even attaining mindfulness requires techniques and doing.  Life is designed to be easier so you can achieve more in less time, be calmer, more resilient, more productive and more creative”.

Rosemary Hume, Founder and Principal of Le Cordon Bleu London briefing instructors - Gilly on her left

Gilly is an award winning speaker who delivers keynotes and breakout sessions at conferences, facilitates workshops, and is a principle-based executive coach.  She is a Past President of NSANZ (National Speakers Association of New Zealand) Auckland Chapter.