The Effortless Leadership programmes are a combination of workshops and coaching and are aimed at different levels of leadership.

The programmes include:

  • Intake calls with participants and sponsoring managers

  • Two day workshop

  • PLUS 4 X one-on-one coaching sessions


Today’s leaders continually face uncertainty. To be able to lead, coach and make the best quality decisions requires leaders to be insightful, creative, innovative and highly productive regardless of circumstances. How would it be if leading felt effortless rather than effortful?   How can you create a culture of personal responsibility? Imagine how you would feel and how it would impact your people and business.

This programme is not about management or leadership skills, instead it’s about developing the qualities that enable effortless leadership. It will be valuable to those wanting to gain deeper mastery in their inner confidence, emotional resilience and/or well‐being. It is also for those leaders wishing to improve their ability to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Who Should Attend:

  • Any senior leader and/or leadership teams

  • Company Directors

  • MDs, Business Owners



We live in a VUCA world – one that is full of Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity
and Ambiguity. To be able to lead, coach and make the best quality decisions
require today’s leaders to be insightful, resilient, creative, innovative and highly
productive regardless of circumstances. Leaders often find themselves in positons
that require them to take on more responsibility with little development in this
area. Being a leader is about developing emotional intelligence (EQ). This
programme is about leading from the inside-out.

The workshop is not about basic management or leadership skills; instead it’s about
understanding what underlies human experience and how you can access the
qualities that enable effortless leadership. To grow staff, their leaders must first
grow themselves. For anyone in a supervisory, team leader, new to managing
people or an account management sales role, this programme will have significant outcomes both professionally and personally.


Who Should Attend:

Emerging leaders in Production, Technical, R&D, Human Resources, Finance, IT, Communications, Marketing and Sales roles who are:

  • Responsible for a team or

  • Required to co-ordinate and influence others


For further information and details of the next workshops, please call +64. (0)21.577.118 or email me


These one-day workshops can be held in-house as well as a public workshop and optional are additional coaching sessions


EQUIP YOURSELF FOR LIFE!  What if the experience of stress was coming from ONE fundamental misunderstanding about the mind?  And what if you could feel clear-headed and calm instantly, just by seeing through this simple misunderstanding?  Say goodbye to anxiety, insecurity and overwhelm and discover a simple, long term solution to experience your life with more ease, clarity and confidence - whatever the circumstances.


Gilly Chater will be your facilitator. She focuses on you being able to access your innate resilience rather than working with coping strategies.


This programme is held over one day with optional follow-up coaching, and has the potential to bring you unparalleled peace of mind, clarity and confidence in situations that used to be stressful, difficult or overwhelming. Life becomes Effortless rather than Effortful! All that's required from you is to attend with an open mind in a relaxed environment.


For further information and details of the next workshop, please call +64. (0)21.577.118

Or email me