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Gilly Chater Effortless Philosophy

The new paradigm for EFFORTLESS LEADERSHIP is based on the key principles that underlie ALL human experience.  It is a principle-based understanding which assists people to see how the quality of their thinking has everything to do with achieving high performance, eliminating stress, and building relationships that are sustainable and productive in all areas of their lives, regardless of any situations that may arise.



The state of anyone’s mind impacts upon their results.  It affects everyone.  Whether in the business world, the teaching world, the sports world, anywhere, and everywhere people’s thinking determines their behaviours and actions. When life is going well human beings operate in a relaxed and productive manner.  It is when an upsetting event or situation occurs that people’s thinking changes – often in a downward spiral. 


Understanding the inside-out nature of how anyone experiences life through thought, is fundamental for self- leadership and leadership of others.



Insights are the pre-cursor for change.  Rather than a manager thinking that being a leader is effortful, it feels effortless.  There is a different experience, even though the leader may be busy with a myriad of challenges ahead of them.  They feel in control and confident that the solutions will be found – through insightful thinking. The emotional awareness of these leaders is balanced with their intellect and skills.  These leaders are resourceful and competent in handling themselves and others.  They are not worried about the unknown, rather they embrace it.


It is essential to a healthier way of living that people are able to be Cool;  Relaxed, Balanced, Focused and in the Present. Calm;  Under pressure, Resilient in all situations.  And Creative;  to be insightful and to be able to come up with new solutions and ideas that can transform business.  In some instances it can even literally save lives.

Sydney Banks quote


Blue is the colour of the mind and is essentially soothing. The mind is like the ocean.  Sometimes it is calm and still, while others it is turbulent and dangerous!  When humans are in that calm place they reach their natural and deep intelligence that is pure, uncontaminated and the source of all creativity, innovation and new thoughts.  It is also the source of innate wisdom.



What distinguishes this approach from others is that it is about understanding the power of thought.  The better-known outside-in approaches, including mindfulness, focus on the content of thought (WHAT we think) and how we can use techniques to change the content. 


The inside-out approach is about the very nature and process of Thought (THAT we think). It is natural, simple and technique-free, yet allows people to have powerful insights into theirs and others’ thinking. As people begin to realize how their state of mind impacts upon themselves and others, they naturally drop the thoughts that create stress and access their innate wisdom and gain insights as to how they can operate from a healthier and calmer state of mind. In doing this they achieve and sustain high performance and productivity. 


Innate wisdom is available to everyone and it is a valuable resource for all human beings. Leadership starts at the personal level – Self Leadership. The implications for business are immense when people live life effortlessly.

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