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Gilly Chater Mastercoach Programme

Effortless Leadership Mastercoach Programme

The Effortless Leadership MasterCoach Programme™ is about “Equipping people for Life”. 

When people understand how the mind works they can access untapped potential for insight, innovation, and communication. Modern psychology has begun to understand how to tap the innate wisdom – available to everyone - as a valuable resource for all human beings. It is natural, simple and technique-free yet allows people to have powerful insights into theirs and others’ thinking and into the nature of the human spirit. Clients’ feedback is commonly “So simple, yet so profound”.



Gilly says:  For over 20 years I have been coaching leaders in large and small organisations both in New Zealand and internationally.  I was one of 9 coaches around the world for Nokia. At that time there was no video.  I coached leaders living and working in different countries and for many English was their second language. Today we have the advantage of Zoom/Skype and other ways of connecting. Because so many of my clients do not live in Auckland I mainly use this modality and it will be an important part of the coach training.  To be able to coach someone you have never met and yet they have powerful life-changing insights, with no techniques or practices to follow, is ground breaking.  At a personal level the purpose of this programme is – “to leave a legacy” through other Effortless Leadership MasterCoachs™ – and realise my vision for New Zealand



  • It focuses mainly on business people who want to be an outstanding coach, however, it can be used for life coaching, stress reduction/resilience, for teenagers etc

  • Executives, Human Resource Leaders, Business Mentors will all hugely benefit both professionally and personally

  • Senior leaders , particularly in large organisations who provide coaching in-house for both management and non-management



  • *Anyone who has already been on a workshop, or had a one-on-one coaching programme with Gilly Chater may participate in the Effortless Leadership MasterCoach Programme™

  • The Foundations of Being an Effortless Leadership MasterCoach is a retreat held over 3 days.  It will be held near to, or in Auckland City.  Participants will attend in person.

  • The Putting into Practice part of the programme will be one-on-one either in person or using Zoom.  This is particularly helpful as these sessions can be recorded and available to view later and each person can work at their own pace. There will be 2 sessions a month for 12 months.

  • The Business of Coaching section will be with the whole group face-to-face or using Zoom

  • You will have reading assignments between sessions as well as guidance with your own coaching sessions with employees or clients.


*If you would like to participate in this programme and you’ve not been on any programmes or coaching then a short introduction coaching programme is available.



“In 2018 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Effortless Leadership MasterCoach Programme hosted by Gilly Chater. (I decided I wanted to do this having attended the Effortless Leadership-Turning Leadership Inside-Out Programme). The programme starts with an intensive 3 day course followed by a year of one on one coaching from Gilly.


The combination of the programme material and Gilly’s thoughtful coaching allowed me to have insights over a couple of areas in my life which had been bogging me down and consuming a lot of my thinking.  My life has literally changed for the better – I am just as busy but don’t feel stressed, don’t sweat the small stuff and have taught myself how to dismiss unnecessary thinking.  Those close to me have noticed a calmer more thoughtful demeanour, but more importantly I feel calmer and thoughtful. 


The ongoing coaching with Gilly is invaluable and allows me to “check in” and continue to keep challenging myself.  Having become a coach myself it assists in developing and enhancing my coaching ability.  I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.  I do and will continue to recommend to anyone to attend one of Gilly’s courses.

Jill Comley-Forbes | Chief Risk Officer – Insurance Industry


For more information and details of the next programme please email me

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